Swimmable Mermaid Blue Tails for Adults Women with Monofin

Swimmable Mermaid Blue Tails for Adults Women with Monofin

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Enjoy this Limited pattern in kinds of sizes for kids and adults!
Package include: Mermail Tail + Monofin + Bikini Bra

Why Choose it?
1 Reinforced Tip Technology 2 Lightweight Comfort 3 Easy-Care Fabric 4 Shiny Foil Finish
5 Reinforced Tips Prevent Holes 6 Unique Shimmer Finish 7 45 Days Tail Tip Warranty 8 Machine Washable

Material: 5% Nylon, 20% Spandex, 75% Polyester

We suggest customers provide the exact measurements, which we can ensure it fit well.
1. Height_________inches/cm
2. Bust_________inches/cm
3. Waist_________inches/cm
4. Hips_________inches/cm

Standard Size Suggestion:
S to XL size is Adult size.

S-- Height 160 cm tall

M-- Height 165 cm tall

L-- Height 170 cm tall

XL--Height 175 cm tall

4T to 12T are Kids size.

4T- Height 110 cm tall,

6T-- Height 120 cm tall,

8T-- Height 130 cm tall

10T--  Height 140 cm tall

12T--Height 150 cm tall

If there is anything you are not clear, please contact us any time.

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