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To Be A Mermaid with Mermaid Tail Swimsuits

Mermaid Mermaid Tail Swimsuits Mermaid Tails

A mysterious race exists in the blue and deep undersea world. People say it is a forgotten civilization. In the legends, they live with us on the vast land until a great disaster drive them into the sea. Since then, they begin to take the sea as their new home, and the legs which the ancestor use to walk with also gradually become a fish tail...

It is said that every girl had a dream about a mermaid since her childhood. Our vision of fantasy things probably originated from the bottom of my heart that the persistence of fairy tales, the memory of childhood, and the children really do not give up.
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The Mermaid's Visual Symbol

Do we really like a creature like a mermaid just because it looks good? The reason for giving such an answer is that the beauty of a mermaid can be directly reflected in the visual senses. Today, most people's impressions of mermaids come from all kinds of works of art, and artists are well aware of people's aesthetic habits, so they usually take the golden section of 1:0.618 as an important aesthetic rule. As we draw the the figures with the golden section, we always take the waist as the golden section ratio.  At this point, the ratio of head to height is close to 1:9, which is what we often call "nine body ".

Mermaids are the product of illusory aesthetics, and are endowed with multiple symbolic meanings,which is just like gods in Greek mythology. At first, people fantasized about mermaids just because of their graceful curves and their free poses to roam the sea. But over time, the image of the mermaid in people’s mind gradually evolved into a visual symbol, and her aesthetic interpretation has become more and more broad. Its content began to derived from the beauty of the human body and the symbol of freedom in the beginning to childlike fun, fashion, environmental protection and other new meanings gradually.

In real life, there is such a group of good people who are doing an elegant and gentle movement--Mermaid scuba diving, so as to achieve their dream of mermaid that has never been forgotten for a long time.
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Mermaid scuba diving is a trendy sport that embraces synchronized swimming, webbed swimming, free diving, yoga and bodybuilding. If you want to be a mermaid, after you have mastered professional diving skills, you are required to wear a fishtail, regulate the lungs, dive into the water, use the the core muscles in waist abdomen, buttocks and legs flexibly, and swim in the water with your body like a fish. In the meantime, mermaid scuba diving is a project that immerse yourself entirely in the ocean, and it can transfer the knowledge and significance of marine environmental protection to more people.

Since Mermaid’s birth in literature and art works, it has been wearing a glossy and beautiful philosophy halo. Although the years flowed on, people's desire for their search still surging in the sea of the spiritual world. There, we are willing to believe in mermaids, as we have always believed in beauty and freedom.

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