100% Satisfaction Guaranteed & Shop Confidence!
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed & Shop Confidence!
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About Us

  • Meet Mermaidcosplay Online Store
  • We (Mermaidcosplay Team) are so glad you visit our online store. Our team are a multi-family owned and operated business at local.
  • How I make Mermaidcosplay Come True?
  • Firstly, We are the seamstresses, who can custom the dress, costume and others for people. One summer, our kids and their friends liked to go swimming and want to be mermaids, sharks and other fishes in the pool. Kids plan to buy them. However, they were so expensive. Therefore, I shared kids' thought with other mothers. We discussed it and decided to make the mermaids for our kids.
  • Secondly, we made them quickly for our kids. They were so happy to go swimming wearing those mermaids. The mermaids caught the eyes of another kids in the pool.Their mothers contacted with us to buy one for their kids.
  • Then, they made me realize that we could make mermaids and sell. 
  • "A perfect idea" - other mothers agreed with me.
  • Finally, we named it as Mermaidcosplay.
Our products are not only comfortable so much, they are also virtually unbreakable!
All costumes, swimming suits, and mermaid tails are made of top quality swimsuit fabric. For example, We do quality control testing on all batches of fabric to ensure the best color fastness and durability for your tails.
The best quality and the most amazing customer service make them special for you!
If you have any questions with our products, don't hesitate to contact with us! We'll give a prompt reply for you.